20 May 2011

.the sign.

every person in the world , more like to be care , to be loved
they need everything from the loves one . but how would u know
that u are in love ??

1. when u see him/her , ur heartbeat more faster than normal .
2. when u meet him/ her , u never know what is the topic u want to talk .
3. u always for him/her to start the conversation.
4. when he/she talk , u feel that he/she whisper on ur ear .
5. when u looking at him/her , u insist to make him/her to be yours .
6. u are always remember him/her , n smile without a reason .
7. u keep the old message from him/her .
8. u keep read the message without bored .
9. u always want to text him/her , but no idea to text .
10. u always feel blushing or insist to know about him/her 
when people talk 
11. every second every moments u wants to be with him/her .
12. he/she always be u main topic to talk with ur friends

do u have any sign right now ?
if yes , u are in love . so u need to confront the love . 

♥♥ ieda ♥♥

copy paste are not allowed . be yourself . thanks for read this entry

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