19 May 2011

. count to that date .

damnn .. the date is getting near . 
just around me . around the clock 
tiktoktiktoktiktok .

yeah the clock moving the needle every single .
every moments . till the date that i count .
what date ?? ohh damnn .. 
can u give me a little bit of time .
a time for me to rest . a time for me gathered family
a time for me to winking my eyes to him .
and a time for me with my besties .

when the time has come .
for sure i need to leave them back 
for a while . for a sometime .
29 may . please dont come to me
i still need a time for me . 
they also need their time for them 

if u dont mind ....
why not u give me more semester break :)

♥♥ ieda ♥♥

copy paste are not allowed . be yourself . thanks for read this entry

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