25 November 2012


no one would know what will happen in their next . sometimes we're up and sometime we're down . everyone have through their happiness their sadness . everyone feel the same thing . every person in the world would like to have their partner for the rest of their life . therefore Allah has planned for us for our destiny , who is our partner . I as the human being want to be love and being love by someone . the some'one' is you . yes you MUHAMMAD SHAHKHIRAN . you are my other half . you are my soul .

you always stand on the side . in every time everywhere . because you know your girlfriend is need you every time . you never stopped giving me strength to go on . never stopped motivate me . we keep on dreaming to move on to the next stage . dont let the word B R E A K out from your words sayang . it so hurtful . i never stopped to love you every single day , single minutes .. just know you are so precious to me . you are my destiny sayang . saya Y A K I N ..

S H A H K H I R A N ..

copy paste are not allowed . be yourself . thanks for read this entry

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