11 May 2011


when the ugly girl saw the handsome 
'if had he become my boyfriend, my friends must be jealous. so diorang mst ckp' untungla BF nsem'.'

when the beast saw the beauty
'she is pretty. but worth to the beast like me ?'

when the girl/boy had fall in love at the first sight - began to close as lovers, but they are just good friends
 'eh tak la . kitorg TTM . TEMAN TAPI MESRA je . xkan la kami nk couple plak '

when the girl/boy making a confession for the feeling
B: u actually kan , i da lme usha u . i da lme ske dkt u .
G: so ??
B: i malu nk ckp . sbb malu la
G: u.. i pon sme . i dah lme minat u . tp ble i tau u ade GF . i simpan je feeling ni .
B: i mne ade GF . tu sumer scndl je la .sbb i nak u sorg je u . jom couple .
G: (:

when the boy asked for the candle light dinner
'bby . jum mlm ni kte dinner . i ade something special :)'

when the boy purpose 
' bby . i sbnrnya jd kan u yang halal buat i . kte kahwin '

when the girl agree 
' dear . u know what . i've been waiting for this time . ye i stuju '

get married and wait for the baby . 

when the time to give birth 
DOC: the birth is high risk.We can only save one of them. Sir, we want you to choose either your wife or the baby?

korunk rse ???

♥♥ ieda ♥♥

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