27 February 2011

calendar ♥ ieda

ape yg sye maksudkn ngan
calendar   ieda ??

itu maksudnye calendar   ieda
telah berusia 7 bln :))
walaupun masih bru ..
tp sye ttp nk bgge  dgn calendar   ieda
sbb mcm2 :))

ha ..
nmpk x kt image cute kt ats ni ..
itu la calendar  ieda :))

words from me that will fly to him ;
thx cz make me happy , thx cz me sincerely .
thx cz stand by my side everytime syg .
thx cz treat me like a baby new born .
thx for everything syg .
i syg very much 
from a deep heart ;

♥ ♥ ieda ♥ ♥

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